Fab To Drab

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Loved the dress she had on at the Anna Singh store launch… this one here, not so much. Not very flattering on her.


Kim Sharma At EMI Music Launch


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  1. Maybe she is trying to hide her tummy lol.. looking at the way she is covering it up. The dress ought to have been longer. I just have never liked the vibe she gives off.

  2. God.. are these filmy ppl so busy that they are always messaging etc.. never seem to put away their mobile.. the dress is too short for my liking and its tight which spoils the whole effect she was going for..

  3. Why Kim Sharma is still deemed as a socialite, is what I wanna know?

    Well, since she’s here… did she want to appear naked? That color is blending into her skin color, gross.

  4. All she needs is a turban, and she’d look like she just came out of a shower.

    Whats the idea anyway? To showing off as much bodu as possible without getting arrested? Even of its totally unpretty and flabby? Ridiculous!


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