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We loved Mita’s look at Gulzar’s book launch, but looking at the way she turned up at Ekta Kapoor’s do was a true ‘WTHeyyy’ moment and made us wonder how can one person go from looking great to looking like thaaat…

At Gulzar’s Book Launch
At Ekta Kapoor’s Birthday Bash

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  1. Love the sari look…never thought turquoise and orange could be worn together like that. The casual look is the stuff fairy takles are made of, like ” then the clock struck twelve and she turned into a jolly green leprechaun.”

  2. i guess the 10 hr schedule really duznt help the cause..
    lol..seeing this ekta shud hire her a stylist..LOL
    after all she’s a vamp of her show..

  3. She looks bored ! the saree and the blouse are cool.. she looks of course better there.. but i dont think the right pic qualifies for a WTH.. she is normally dressed thats all

  4. is that a bread roll in her hand?! maybe she did just wake up from sleep and come here! love her saree look, lovely saree, such a bold combination

  5. i love her sari and teaming it with a turquoise blue, that’s great. maybe she just got tired of all the make up and dressing up she has to do while at work. would it be scandalous to say i loved the shoes she wore under that skirt. they look so comfy.

  6. Is she really a vamp in an Ekta Kapoor serial? What a comedown for someone who was once acknowldeged widely as a most strikingly beautiful Indian actresses.

    And methinks with a different (read: non-salvaged from the garbage) top, the look on the right could’ve been carried off well….i quite like the yellow skirt and those quirky dutch clogs.

  7. love her sari look! for a woman her age, its a nice fashion risk in indian clothes:)
    as for the other “drab” outfit.. first of all, the shoes are quite ugly. the skirt and top are kinda okay..maybe a different colored shirt would look better while retaining the dressed down look. i like her less makeup look, though!

  8. I adore Mita Vashisht – I don’t care if she acts in a gazillion Ekta Kapoor ham shows, I’d just willfully ignore those and always think of her as the amazing actress of some of my favourite films and TV shows in the past.

    She looks stunning in her sari – embrace traditional weaves ladies – see what they do for Kirron Kher and Mita Vashisht!

  9. Love the sari and blouse combo.. although the blouse may have been a lil ill fitted as there is some peek-a-boo going on there… Love the clogs on the right, but that aint no way to go to a b’day bash maam…

  10. I say what was the need to post this…it doesn’t look like she was going for it,what just felt the need to be mean and take a dig at someone??just like that!! If this is a fashion blog its your duty to report about and critique people investing time effort and other resources to be noticed…not catch unsuspecting people unawares when they aren’t even trying..just pull up anyone and bash them for not looking good just coz they are public personas is just plain undemocratic not to mention obnoxious..


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