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Prachi Desai broke up her all black look with some color in the way of her bag while Shefali Shah decided to stick to all black… One kept it casual, the other went more formal! I do like the way they both wore their ‘lbd’s…

Prachi’s was young, casual and laid-back but she kicked it up a notch with her patent pumps; only wish she ditched the visible white straps.

I like the silhouette on Shefali, its very playful and feminine and accentuates her curves quite nicely!! And before everyone gets up in arms over Shefali’s look, let me explain why it works… The ‘A-Line’ silhouette of her dress works in drawing attention to her waist and taking the focus off of stomach and hips, while the all back color palette gives the overall look a more slimming appearance… (though this pic isn’t the most flattering, this was the only good full length I could find)

Prachi Desai
Shefali Shah

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  1. Prachi looks cute but i agree, i don’t like the fact that the white straps show and personally i don’t like the shoes with Prachi’s dress…she should’ve worn more “sexier” shoes!

  2. Prachi looks amazing
    but then again she is 16 and slvete while Shefali is not
    kudos to her for knowing how to dress her body
    next comes the hair ;)

  3. i’ve met shefali once and she looks much prettier in person.. her skin is all smooth and clear…a case of makeup actually taking perfection away boohoo

  4. Not a big fan of the outfit on the left. Shefali looks good, but a short, sexy sleeve could’ve helped cut the arm flab. You need great shoulders and upper arms to carry off the strappy look well.

  5. i think Prachis dress in a different material would have worked better.. it looks like one of those fashion street dresses right now.. shoes needed glamming up a bit considering she went low key on everything else..

    I cant blv I am seeing Shefali dress like that!! so kudos to her for trying..

  6. that bag is brought from esbeda. i bought nearly the same thing for my teen cousin! She’s trying to look as young as possible i guess

  7. Sometime back, I had come across these compact (low voltage) low heat emitting irons which could be used for a quick run over clothes to smoothen out wrinkles…while you have the clothes on…I think Prachi and Simone Singh could really use them…I like what Prachi has on…as I did Simone’s red ensemble sometime back…but sadly their long commutes showed up as wrinkles on the clothes!!
    Nice to wear but a little unslightly =(

  8. Both are sub par.
    Pachi: White bra with a black dress AND showing the straps, mismatched and badly styled shoes, the purse is too small and dull a splash of colour (doesn’t make a bold enough statement). It would have been better to accessorize with some fabulous shoes, an oversized clutch and maybe a statement bracelet.

    Shefali: dress looks too tight, the belt part in the middle emphasizes her stomach where as she is not really that big, the dress might have been better a little longer, and the all black palette is blah.

  9. both are boring. Prachi really needs to get out of this ‘oh i am so cute in a non sexy way’ mode… and shefali needs to lose some weight… the dress is not flattering. and what borrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiing shoes both are wearing

  10. Dont like Shefali’s outfit. Definitely dont like her shoes!
    As for Prachi — the dress is OK. A gorgeous purse/clutch to carry would have been a hand painted Anuschka purse (they are truly a piece of art!)

  11. What trashy clothes are these two wearing??? LBD??? They have put Chanel’s LBD to shame…huh??? LOL!!!!!!!!!
    Please stop wearing thesee horrendous clothes from lokhandwala!

  12. Isnt Shefali too old to carry off thatdress, with the box pleats? the whole look, with the stringy shoes and the hair partially pulled back might be more suited for someone in their twenties/thirties, not sure how old this lady is.

  13. Prachi looks ugly! Can’t belive ekta cast her in that movie and Shefali has a very beautiful face but is wearing the wrong clothes

  14. prachis navy-ish dress looks great on her! love the patent pumps too. not a fan of shefali’s dress or shoes, but i do like her understated elegance

  15. Prachi’s dress is not Black, but is Blue.. And these pics are from Ekta Kapoor’s birthday bash.. Sending you the original pic.. :)

  16. prachi still needs more improvement. She’s good looking young girl; she can be better than this wayyy more.

    & someone should tell Shafali to STOP trying hard to look younger with those not-going-with-her-age dresses… instead she should wear sober stuff to look pretty!


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