Changing It Up

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Having seen her in a lot of neutrals lately, this color is refreshing!


Kirron Kher At ‘Drona’ Premiere

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Granted she is a lovely lady- check
    looks great in sarees – check
    has a lovely collection of sarees- check
    has a lovely collection of ethnic jewellery- check
    has a lovely collection of batua’s – check


  2. shes nice.. the sari is nice, the batua is nice.. oh wait.. i typed this in some other post too.. ! just need a copy paste for her now.. hehhee

  3. Kiran look happy, wholesome and radiates positivity. Please tell the wannbe’s to turn to ladies such as Kiron on how to dress for their age and body type.

  4. Very elegant and well put-together. Maybe Rekha could try dressing up like this once in a while(hair tied back, colors other than gold), she’d look good.

  5. he he looks like someone has been reading HHC! – hair tied back as recommended by so many posters, shorter pallu (I think) and a lovely vibrant colour. I think this lady looks great , very age and figure appropriate and all the more beautiful for it.

  6. Classy Mrs. Kher. Now this is an excellent silk saree and color unlike Nandita Das’s. Kirron Kher knows how to carry a saree just like Dimple Kapadia.

  7. the thing is.. its easy to say why not change it up, but what can an indian lady wear at this age and still look dignified/elegant – the choices are rather limited.. salwars, churidars dont look formal or elegant enough on older women, so its basically just saris – if one doesnt want to wear see-through saris, then u are limited to heavy silks.. she could ditch the batua in favor of a clutch however..

  8. @ anita – I agree. Kirron reminds me of my mom, and similarly,to most events, she would either wear salwar kameez or a heavy sari, no chiffons for her! Kirronji does try to change things up with her hair, but… you can only please so many people at any one time :)


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