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Amy attended the European premiere of Magic Mike XXL in London today wearing a sheer bandage dress that seemed heavily inspired by Prabal Gurung’s Fall 2012 gown. But, she wasn’t the only one to be spotted in it either. Raima was also seen wearing the same dress to the premiere of her Bengali movie this past week as well.

I’d comment on how they look but am still a bit in disbelief of how blatantly the brand knocked off PG’s design. I know designers tend to modify from the runway but am pretty sure they don’t change the material as well. Prabal’s design was an all silk one while this has bandage stripes.

P.S. Anyone know what brand this is?

P.P.S. Amy is carrying a Tom Ford bag and Raima, a Bottega Veneta clutch.


Left: Amy Jackson at Magic Mike XXL Premiere
Right: Raima Sen at ‘Roga Hawar Sahaj Upai’ Premiere


Prabal Gurung, Fall 2012

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  1. Amy is a gorgeous lady with a great body but somehow the fit is not falling good on her. The picture angle is not good too. But forget about all that. Magic Mike- Channing Tatum…oooh la la. Can we have his pic. ;)

  2. Please confirm if they are knockoffs before accusing them of wearing one :)
    for you all know.. this could be a PG as well..
    when they afford such expensive clutches .. i doubvt they would be wearing knockoffs :)


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