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Who wore this black number better? Priyanka or Rita?

Rita @ “Hello” First Anniversary Party

Priyanka @ Ensemble Celebration

Edit: Oops. A case of mistaken identity. Its Rita Dhody! Thanks everyone!

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  1. I think Kadambari looks better than both Priyanka and Rita. What is she wearing?

    Can’t you do a full list of what the women/men were wearing at Runway Rocks Show.

  2. I can’t believe that women with so much exposure and money are still stuck with satin black gowns that look like night wear! Ghastly!

  3. Definitely Priyanka. Though she doesn’t get points for trying anything new with her look, at least she knows what works. The woman on the left – whoever she is – is totally washed out by her overprocessed hair.

  4. its RITA DHODY… i know for sure.. i am friends with her daughter Nadine dhody…. but Rita looks good as well.. for her age.. she GOT GREAT BODY..

  5. Rita is my aunt,and she looks hundred times better than Priyanka anyday!
    As a mother of two daughters,and one being as older as Priyanka!
    That woman looks gorgeous!


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