A Cuppa Joe. Or Kadak Chai?

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As part of ‘Dining in 2015′ (a contest that had designers design a food-related product that would still be useful in 2015) , was this interpretation of a Turkish coffee set by Esli Alovi that I absolutely loved. The design not only takes into consideration everything required for the preparation of coffee, right from cooking it right at the table to actually serving it, but also integrates form with function with its beautiful use of materials (copper and ceramic) and contemporary design.

Turkish coffee is a lil’ too bitter for me but I would sooo figure out a way to make ‘chai’ in that. Love, love, love the design.

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  1. well.. the design is flawed.. if you are drinking chai with a copper top, your hands will get hot in no time.. instead the ceramic bit should have been at the top.. in order to hold the cup better.. that said.. i cant imagine holding a cup or mug or whatever this is by a stick like thing..
    looks aesthetic, but i think practicality should count too.

  2. It’s innovative and besides the practicality, I was thinking of maintenance. How do I clean it and do I have to polish the copper everytime and so on.

  3. it’s ok. the copper part reminds me of traditional indian utensils. in fact i’ve seen cuter stuff at the utensil museum in ahmedabad. i don’t know if the museum is still around.

  4. aww, this reminds me of some of the utensils gran used to have. Very elegant. Thanks for posting about all these cool stuff as well. How much does this cost ?


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