Diana on L’Officiel India: (Un)Covered

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Diana Penty, the new face of Maybelline, graces the cover of L’Officiel India in a Dolce and Gabbana dress. Another example of a dress that would have made for a great editorial but somehow falls flat in the cover. Remember the OTT Falguni-Shane on Katrina, kinda like that!

Also, I wish they had used the gown version and had her sitting down to show more of the flower details.

You like?


Left: Diana Penty on L’Officiel India March 2009
Right: Dolce and Gabbana, Spring 2009


Dolce and Gabbana, Spring 2009

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  1. the full version dress looks so pretty on the runway. Wish the background color was something else, that made the details of the dress pop. Looks very blah. But, I like the fact how the amount of writing on the cover is less compared to usual covers featured here

  2. I agree, the dress is exquisite, but the photographer doesn’t do it justice with a similar colored background…makes it look sooo blah.kinda what happened with kat’s photo op too.
    agree, penty is real pretty.

  3. yes, the gown is indeed pretty and evokes the spring/summer feel….if the background had been equally lively & perky, this would have been a great cover!

  4. I agree…a contrasing backgrpund would have helped
    a lot
    I think I saw Posh in this, on Vouge (maybe?)
    love the dress- in an editorial sense that is

  5. omg at first i thought it was priyanka chopra.. then i read the name!
    the more i looked at it the more she started to not look like priyanka lol..
    like the gown.. and agree with Binerry.. wish the bkgrnd colour was darker/contrasting!

  6. I thought she was Priyanka Chopra too. I don’t like the dress, but it looks fine on the cover shoot. It’s a better cover than last edition’s.


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