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Before walking the ramp for designer Archana Kochhar’s special line for ‘Acid Factory’, Ms Mirza was spotted wearing a DKNY dress. One to almost always impress, this appearance of hers fell flat for us because the hair and makeup clashed with the dress. We would have preferred either a more formal dress (considering the event) or more laidback hair/makeup.

P.S. Catch Ms. Mirza on the ramp inside.


Left: Dia Mirza at Archana Kochar Show
Right: DKNY Modern Stretch Twill Dress


Dia Mirza Walks For Archana Kochar Show

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I have to disagree..i think her look in the DKNY dress with the earthy make up and pulled back hair looks amazing, whereas the runway look looks a bit’s pretty difficult to make Dia look bad, but the make up artist succeeded on her ramp look by piling on the grease paint..

  2. argh, i didnt like the brown dress at all. it would have been a good dress some eight years ago when we didnt have so well fit outfit and designs to choose from.

    The secong pic, the red lipstick kills the looks for me & the fit of the dress makes her look pregnant

  3. completely disagree with you! I think the hair makes her outfit here. otherwise, it would’ve been oh so very blah, same old, same old. she always looks so dignified, yet down-to-earth.

  4. dia’s face has been looks so caked up (almost like a geisha) in the pictures of her walking the ramp… but i LOVE her in the DKNY dress (except for the sandals, may be)… SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

  5. she looks absolutely stunning. the make-up and hair is perfect, she looks different, like a breath of fresh air and not the overplayed and typically unsuccessful sexpot most b-wood actresses aspire to be. she looks chic, classy and definitely knows the meaning of “less is more”.

  6. i gasped when i saw the pic of Dia in the DKNY.. not her outfit but her FACE. Oh my GOSH absolutely stunning!!!!!!!!! @ the person who noted the resemblance to Ash.. yes a lot of people have said that she looks like Ash but I don’t see Ash anymore cuz I guess I’m used to Dia now lol. How old is she she’s just rocking lately. Don’t like the DKNY outfit or the makeup in the red dress.


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