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When Vogue’s fashion director Anaita mentioned on twitter that she had a surprise for Prabal Gurung at the KJo party, we never would’ve guessed that the surprise was Deepika wearing a gown from his recent Fall 2012 collection.

What’s unfair is that there are just no pics of Deepika except this one that Prabal posted on Twitter. We so badly want a full-length cuz Ms. Padukone looks ah-may-zing! Bet, all the other ladies were supah-envious!

Deepika Padukone with Prabal Gurung at Karan Johar’s 40th Birthday Bash

Photo Credit: Twitter

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  1. She is the HOTTEST girl to arrive in b-town in a long time. I bet the other girls must be givin her the evil eye the whole night. lol

  2. P&P dress is not the only factor in how a person looks, did u even look past the dress towards her face.. doesn’t something look different?

  3. She’s really the most stylish and elegant celebrity today… Her hair makeup outfit is always appropriate!! Yes after seeing all the others I bet she was the showstopper at kjo’s party!!!!!

  4. OMG! This is very similar to the dress worn by Jennifer Lawrence to one of “The Hunger Games” premiere. I guess it’s the same one too.But I don’t know, the hair style and makeup didn’t work for me. Love,XOXOXO

  5. You know I had seen this photo when prabal gurung posted it on instagram. And I had been waiting for you to post full lengths of Deepika! :) Hope you find some soon!

  6. That face looks so weird that i had to look at the pic for a long time to even like it. she looks absolutely weird in this pic.

  7. She does look devastatingly good, and that is a gorgeous dress, But ‘bet all the other ladies were supah envious’ really? Not all women are insecure idiots who envy other women who look hotter than them.

  8. That dress just look like tin foil spray painted gold and two bits cut out at the side…sorry but me no likey!!
    However, deepika is gorgeous and after ash I think she has the best looks in Bollywood. (im sure there are many who would disagree)

  9. Her face probably looks like that because its a mobile phone camera, with bad party lighting, with instagram effects. Not the regular red carpet fare.

    Give her a break.


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