Sequin Style

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Deepika & Preity went the sequin route with the former opting for a white dress and Preity for a black one. Deepika looked fabulous in hers and Preity from what we see, did as well. Except, what was the deal with the gloves? The bad fit made the look so sloppy. Lace ones would’ve been so much better.

P.S: Deepika is in Armaan by Sunaina Puri.

Deepika Padukone & Preity Zinta at Lap Buddh Circuit F1 Party

Photo Credit: Daylife

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  1. loving the new confident styling of deepika – first the trench, now this fab look – super, super super.

    Btw – are she and and sonam carrying the same cluch?

  2. YAWN. Deepika’s fit is totally off. Preity’s giving me a creepy Michael Jackson vibe. And I think I’ve officially o.d.-ed on sequins, bling and shine!

  3. Wow! Deepika finally has a different pose :) Must say I love her confidence and the way she’s been styling her recent appearances. A diva for sure…

    PZ is not looking as great as her previous day/night’s appearances, but how skinny has she become! Love her too

  4. Loving Preity! Agreed lace gloves would have taken it to another level, and these ones look sloppy, but loving the rest of her look. The simple hair and the smouldering makeup, very nice!


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