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For promotions of Tamasha, Deepika and Ranbir celebrated Diwali with the media where Ms. Padukone was seen in a Payal Jain sari. Now, the sari by itself was so so but this whole look was elevated with the addition of the jewellery (by Aquamarine). Especially the necklace. The turquoise against the red embroidery made the look really pop.

She looked fabulous! We love. You?


Deepika Padukone at Tamasha Diwali Event

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  1. Don’t like the saree much, somehow that blouse, the colors, and the material of the saree don’t go together for me. That bun is too severe and ages her by several years.

  2. Somehow the saree and the jewelry combo is not working for me. But DP looks fabulous as always! :)
    Also, saw this necklace credited under Silver Centrre/Sangeeta Boochra label’s official page. Are you sure it’s from Aquamarine?

  3. I think the whole look is a mismatch, all the pieces are misfitting with each other. The make makes her look dark. The turquoise color is not popping that much, it is towards the dull side. The saree itself is a biggest downer. I do not expect such a disaster from DEEPIKA PADUKONE.

  4. She looks fabulous! The saree’s nothing great, but that jewelry takes the look to another level. Love the look, and everything about it. What a stunner DP is!

  5. I’m in love with this look! Such an unconventional saree could’ve fallen flat but the styling just madeit WOW. The jewellery is to die for! And ofcourse her million watt smile, the drape and the way she carries herself..i could look at her all day *dreamy eyes*

  6. Stunning jewellery that is elevating her appearance. Severe updo, yes, but one hat she carries well and seems to be her hairstyle for the festival season.

  7. Lately her make up has been so different.. Can’t put my finger on what it is, but she’s looking more like how she did when she started off in showbiz. Highlights her sharp features rather than going for the same ol’ safe/dreamy make up.


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