In Black. In White.

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Prior to her Dhaka trip, Deepika attended two events sporting an all-black look (in a Dsquared2 dress) at one and an all-white one at the other. There is no denying that the Rohit + Rahul look was the more striking one. Just wish we had better pics.

Nothing more frustrating these days when you don’t have good pics of a great look.


Left: At Piku Meet & Greet
Right: At TWM Returns Success Party

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  1. The White one, OMG! Deepika should keep Allia forever. Anaita was such a fail for her. Allia is literally her perfect match.

  2. Hi P&P, if my comment has been removed during moderation, will I be notified?
    Because I believe I commented in this post but it doesn’t appear here..!so I don’t know if it has been removed by u guys or did I even properly post it !?


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