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Wearing a pale pink Alexander Wang dress, Deepika attended the Bazaar India 5th anniversary bash with nude Louboutins and a Shourouk necklace finishing out her look. Adding some much needed color to the look were her hot pink lips.

She looked nice but some how the fit of the dress seemed off. The bunching up at the hips was a bit distracting.


Deepika Padukone at Harper’s Bazaar’s 5th Anniversary Bash

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  1. With all due respect to Alexander Wang and DP, this dress is nothing but a slightly opaque lingerie and didn’t merit such formal styling! DP should have worn it for some other event with strappy sandals, open hair and long necklace…

  2. The length of the dress seems off. It looks a size too small for her,and she looks uncomfortable in a few pics. Also,I’m getting sick of her pose. Its either ‘dazed eyes’ for her,like here, or ‘surprised eyes’ like Divya.

    • You’re sick of her ‘pose’? How is she supposed to change her eyes? She’s just smiling confidently in the camera and has been pictured multiple times, repeatedly, in a short span of time and you’re just seeing all those pictures together. It’s not her fault she gets featured in the media a lot. She can’t exactly change her facial features because some people are getting sick of looking at them. Honestly, people need to be less nitpicky and mean. Try being in the person’s shoes for once.

  3. That necklace and dress are SO mismatched! Out of the thousands of dresses available, this is the best her stylist can come up with? SMH

    • This. Lazy cope out from the stylists. Never thought the day would come, when diamonds would look tacky. Sad part is, Kalki is overshadowing her, even though her gown had many issues.

  4. That necklace doesn’t work at all with this! And somehow I think open hair would have worked better. Clean and sexy not over styled

  5. Like others said, the outfit is completely tacky and I don’t understand how this suits to her. The color combination ain’t that good, neither the hairstyle. She would have worn it somewhere else.


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