Runway To Real Life

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The dress seems really unflattering on Ms. Mirza.


Left: Rocky S Runway
Right: Dia Mirza (with Rocky S and Karan Johar)


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  1. omg..please tell rocky s to stop making an a$$ out of innocent girls like diya..
    making her pose on flashing bulbs in red lingere like that..!!gosh..i can see her upper leg thru the lights..poor girl!!!

  2. You need some talent (read screwed up talent) to make Dia look fat, she has such a nice figure. Her face, nevertheless, still looks sweet despite the rest of the horror.

  3. diya looks so pretty in d pic (neck up)…and kinda resembles Ash too. but that DRESSSSS! jeeeeeeeeeeez! NOT only does it look like nightwear (the dress on d model is totally slutty! – remember i am commenting on the dress, not d model!!!) Diya looks like shez about 9 months along-and then SOME, with triplets in that dress! eeeks!


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