The Long And Short Of It

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One wore a short silk version, the other a flowy long chiffon number… whose version do you covet?

(p.s: Konkona looks goood doesn’t she?)


Left: Neha Dhupia
Right: Konkona Sen Sharma


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  1. Neha – Like the dress but I am afraid of going “Britney” with such a short length. I think a little longer will work better.

    Konkana- Would have preferred a shorter version of this one . (Something just below the knees) This one is making her look fat with all that fabric. Love the hair and makeup.

    They both need some accessories though.

  2. luv both de dresses…its amazing hw de same colour and similar print can suffice 4 2 worthwhile versions.. neha’s face luks lyk tis a wee bit powdery …

  3. Konkona looks stunning!! it took me a few seconds to realise it was her, love her dress sooo much!!

    personally the only thing i would change is the neckline, she looks like she’s gonna pop out if she breathes.

    neha’s is okay, but too short!!

    konkona wins!!!!!!!!!

  4. konkana looks very appealing. She looks like a young charming girl trying to please. I prefer her confident self in her trademark sarees and salwars

  5. P&P: it’s great to see these fab designs by Indian designers but where can we buy them in the US/Canada or online? It would be great if there was some information or links added on where we can buy them when the pics are posted lik you with the US designers…

  6. Konkona’s dress looks like its going to rip at the neckline. I don’t like her lip color either. it’s too dark- she should have gone for a lighter shade and some color on the cheeks.
    Now that I am looking at her again, she reminds me of a vampire/ dracula queen from some movie.
    But overall it is definitely an improvement on her previous choices.

  7. I would like to see what would neha do if she accidentally drops her cellphone on the floor…:P. Also, that semi-halloween makeup…someone buy her a mirror.
    Glad to see konkona finally ditching the fabindia drabbiness…lovely hair…understated makeup…and oh, she wins this round.

  8. nope, not caring for the colour and make-up on konkona. the silhouette isn’t too bad, but why does she need to follow the herd? she’s gorgeous in her sarees and her jholawala attire.

  9. i had to take a double take on Konkana, she looks great, hair is great, little cleavage showing…good for her, getting away from the art house dress sense…Neha looks good too, but my vote goes to Ms. Sen

  10. Like Konkana but I think the dress needed some serious visual breaks. Either a different belt, or some accessories, or a different hair look (not the heavy black lump).

    I’m already nostalgic for her FabIndia stuff, but that’s just me….

  11. Konkona looks fab! love the dress- the shape – her makeup could have been better but I am loving the dress. Neha should have thoroughly moisturised her pins before wearing such a short dress – but fab figure and the dress is flattering.

  12. I love love love the silk one. The chiffon’s good too, flash is not the dress’ best friend though. I’d like to see the chiffon one with good lighting, a la magazine/photoshoot.

    Good to see Konkana experiment a bit. She scores!

  13. damn. its neha. how am i going to get over this?!

    konkona’s is too slowy and something out of a fairy tale. not doing it for me.

  14. Konkana’s dress is too prom-ish. And the lack of accessories is strange – not even a bangle? Neha’s makeup is strange but she is smart to distract from her hips by showing off her legs.

  15. only if Konkana would have choosen to go som other shade of lipstiock…a pink tone maybe would have made her look way beter…for now i will have to vote for Neha!

  16. konkona, no doubt, looks amazing.. but i think she would have looked better with her hair pulled back to show off the beautiful neckline. perhaps a low lose bun or something!

    and neha’s shoes = fugly!

  17. Neha has good legs, but hell, those shoes? Ewww.
    And she looks like she’s overdosed on the powder or something. ^_^

    Konkona.. Something just doesnt work. She looks uncomfortable and not at ease, probably. And that dress has a little too much volume for her.


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