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As gorgeous as Chitrangada looked last night, it still wasn’t enough to balance out the monstrosity that was the gown she had on. If the waist felt like a spider’s back, the skirt felt like it’s web. The inspiration was much too literal and completely hideous. Makes us wonder, do people not check what they are going to walk down the ramp in?

Chitrangada Singh For Gaja Jewellery Collection

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. You know I like parts and parts of this dress!!

    Like , I’d have loved and entire dress out of that pattern the skirt is in…or i’d love to see a nice choli or a corset out of the top part of the dress, the fluffy neckline looks good, and I would Love to see the jwellary on a nice white or a mild colored gown/dress/lehenga..!

    All of this together in a gown makes her look…like you said “Spider-like”. I personally love chitrangda’s style and I think she’s carrying it of well but I hate the waist and the sequin work on it!

  2. am surprised that this is not tagged under WTHeyy…!! As beautiful as she is, the bangs do not suit her..she uses to be such a effortless beauty before this haircut..now it seems that shez tryin too hard..

  3. overall the outfits in this year’s show have been singularly bad and tasteless.
    far from showcasing the jewellery… they have created a negative distraction.

  4. love the color… and i think she would gorgeous even in her pj’s… but apart from that i think the dress should be used to light a campfire…. :)


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