Casual But So Not Cool!

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My eyes are so blinded by the combination of Kareena’s red shirt and Bipasha’s yellow tee, that I don’t know what to say!

How come on good days they are really good, but when on bad days, they are really really bad!

Kareena @ Shobha Asar Launch

Bipasha @ Race Promo Event


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  1. anonymous…i’m not saying I don’t like Kareena’s body. i like the fact that she’s thin but I think she should not go thinner than this cuz it won’t look nice. it was just a caution…besides, a girl needs to be curvy too cuz i bet 7 out of 10 men would prefer that…anyway, just my two cents. :)

  2. rashmi…we shouldn’t always associate our body weight and stuff with what MEN want.

    If the girl wants to be skinny let her…it’s her body, not her bf’s! LoL if you know what i mean.

    But…i’m hoping this losin weight is being done the right way…and not the anorexia way…


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