Seeing Double. Sorta.

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It’s not uncommon to see a runway look mimicked by retailers with a few tweaks, but of course, to avoid mega-lawsuits. Recently, Urban Outfitters was in the news for this sweater that bore a remarkable resemblance to the Proenza Schouler fish-print sweater shown on the runway.

Now, that we’ve seen Carol in her tee, can’t help but think how much more closer to the Schouler hers is than the Urban Outfitters one. What say? Do we have a case of an almost “Seeing Double”?

Proenza Schouler, Spring 2010

Carol Gracias at The Den Bash

Photo Credit: ElleNow, Style

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  1. haha Did they actually sue Urban Outfitters over this?
    Carol one looks fake.. not fake PS, but fake tie and die.
    I dont understand models, they could wear all the amazing designer wear at events and they choose this?


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