Can You Spot The Original?

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Two of the shoes below are designer creation worth more than $700 and two of the shoes below are knockoffs for under $100!

The question is that can you spot the original pieces?

P.S. Some of you already know what the brands are and the knockoffs.. but to make this more inneresting, I hope that you refrain from mentioning it in the comments! Thanks!

Exhibit 1

Exhibit 2

Exhibit 3

Exhibit 4

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  1. Exhibit 2 & 4 look like originals to me, Exhibit 1 & 3 look like toned down versions (more in line with conventional looking footwear) of 2 & 4.

  2. exhibit 2 is deff the real one!
    exhibit 1 is just ugly!

    and its really hard to figure out whether exhibit 3 or 4 is the fake one, but my guess is that exhibit 3 is the fake one!

  3. 2 & 3 are knock offs :( if only i had paid closer attention to the difference in the quality of material used for the heel!!

  4. I too feel that 2 and 3 are knock offs. 4 must be gucci and 3 must be a copied version by Nine West as i saw one in gold at a Nine West Store.

  5. 1 and 4 are the originals!

    2 and 3 are the cheaper versions
    2 is too bulky for that style to be an original…and also the heel on 1 and 4 give away that they are the more expensive ones


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