What’s Worse?

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Can’t decide which is worse, Sunita’s dress that seems more like ‘The Blue Fairy’ costume from a low budget play or Nisha’s rather scary piped bodice!


Left: Sunita Gowarikar At Filmfare Awards
Right: Nisha Jamwal At A Brunch Hosted By Her

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. isn’t Nisha a designer? and if she is, and thats the way SHE dresses, I don’t know who would buy her clothes….

    As for Sunita…u sure she’s at the filmfares and not in cindrella? as the fairy godmother? loool
    wait where’s her wand?

  2. Nisha’s isnt that bad with the corset-like gown. It reminds me of D&G & Roberto Cavalli together. As for Sunita, I think she’s the worse b/c of the hem and transparent sleeves.

  3. Sunita’s dress is not bad.. if it was knee length.. i don’t like the makeup.. seems gauri khan inspired.

    and Nisha JamVal..less said the better for some designer she is

  4. Sunita is usually very elegant. I am surprised at her choice. To salvage the dress, it is not too bad stylistically except for the apronish hemline at the bottom. Also, this color isnt deep enough for her…doesnt pop. I think this dress should have been of the ruby color in her necklace. Besides, had her makeup been better, and some better accessories on her, she would have passed under the radar.
    I agree with Malini that Sunita reminds of Gauri Khan.

    But Sunita is way better than Nisha Halloween Queen. Is it just me, or does Nisha remind you of Zeenat Aman gone vampish?

  5. Sunita : bad clothes & very bad makeup. The makeup is only aging her…
    Nisha : Scary clothes !! Who pairs blue with green !!!

  6. Nisha’s bodice has a ni**le tape on it? She looks horrid and is a repeat offender.
    Gowariker too is a big FAIL in this one, but have not seen her earlier. And I am sure no one dresses as bad as jamwal does.

  7. sunita looks like a tired version of Gauri Khan. Nisha, bless her soul is a DESIGNER….would you believe that, she LOVES to wear off the shoulder for some strange reason, every pic – I mean every pic of hers will have her wearing off the shoulder.

  8. Nisha’s is actually pretty standard, I mean if the color was a little less gaudy. It was only her makeup that ruined it for her, Sunita’s on the other hand was a big no, due to the transparent sleeves and the weird layering


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