In Gauri and Nainika

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Spotted Ms. Basu wearing a grey floral Gauri-Nainika dress with ankle-strap sandals at Samsung’s 3D television launch. I must admit I am digging the silk tunic dress but not those sandals.


Left: at IPL Match
Right: at Samsung 3D Television Launch

Photo Credit: NDTV, Daylife

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  1. I am really confused by the two photos.

    I know this is the same person at two different events.

    But is it the same dress ?

    The cut of the shoulder and neck seems to be different.

    And yet can one person own two different versions of the same dress ?

    Someone please clarify…..

  2. she looks cute with the glasses… wen will she start doing more of the casual look sans the heavy eye makeup… she looks so good on the rare occasions she goes without makeup

  3. It looks like she’s wearing a wig on the second photo. An okay dress. She has been looking like a sweet girl these days, a far cry from her sultry image. Not that I dislike it.

  4. Aww she’s gorgeous. But her hair in the 2nd pic looks so much like a wig, nothing wrong with wearing one but that part is so sharp! Lol. I notice weird things.
    But I really like the dress.. Wish she’d worn flats or flat sandals tho.. She doesn’t need heels with a heighT like that lol!

    • Its a well known fact in the inside circles that Bipasha wears wigs, her real hair is very thin and small and she usually ties it in a small bun at the nap of her neck. In all her appearances she is wearing a wig.

  5. I like her now that she has toned down her sexiness lately. She looks great and natural. But where are her movies? She deserves to get more work!


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