In Divya Reddy

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Bipasha was one of the celebs to take part on the charity Teach For Change fashion show and wore a Divya Reddy lehenga for the event. Anyone else feel like a braid or a loose low bun would’ve worked better here?

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  1. I dislike the hair color on her more than the style. I think a short sleeved yellow embroidered blouse would’ve made this better. Don’t care for this plain long sleeve blouse or her one boob drape.

  2. Even I feel like this look would’ve benefited more with a loose braid. The skirt needed to be a bit lower too. The styling makes her look a bit manly for this soft look.

  3. Always always tacky…she has a knack for picking the wrong colours and OTT hair colour and eye make up which is very last decade and does not go with all outfits.


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