Vision In White?

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It was a lace white sari (Gaurav Gupta) for Ms. Basu for the City of Brampton Flow parade yesterday. You like?

Bipasha Basu at City of Brampton’s Flower Parade

Photo Credit: Filmicafe

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    • Totally! She borrowed her mom’s extra long table cloth, asha parekh’s blouse from her younger days and Priyanka Chopra’s style of draping. How someone so beautiful with such a great body can commit fashion suicide like this is beyond me!

  1. love the (not so) puritan look – I would have luv to see a red bindi, which she carries so well…especially since it was a “flower parade” … love the bangles too

  2. payal i tght u dont like if pallu is drapped that way … do you ?

    i hate to say this .. bips eyebrows looks kinda ummm how do i put it delicately ? .. like some one is pulling her fore head

  3. i understand her being fit & toned.. but now she has started resembling the “williams” sisters… sarees etc dont look very nice on such a frame.. otherwise its a very pretty saree… very feminine..

    • i so agree….she has a masculine built with broad shoulders and all. nothing wrong with that. but she could have worn the saree well to make it more feminine atleast.


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