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Banita, who makes her debut in October, attended the movie’s trailer unveiling wearing separates from Tommy Hilfiger with satin cobalt blue boots from Mulberry.

At first glance, the tan against the blue sure was striking but the more I look at it, I was a bit on the fence. The proportions felt a bit off. Maybe an over the knee boot would’ve solved it.

Having said that though, for a first appearance, this was memorable. We sure are looking forward to seeing her more!

Banita Sandhu at October Trailer Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Cobalt is a great colour for boots.. but those ones aren’t at all nice.. odd one out with the shorts suit.. or the shorts suit r the odd one here..?

  2. Just goes to prove that top brands also make garbage that starlets wear .. because its branded!
    Those boots are awful..especially the white heel pulled from a curtain pullback. The outfit itself is trying too hard and paired all together looks clownish.

  3. She should either wear just the shorts-tee-boots, or the jacket buttoned up with a slip dress and the boots. Otherwise there are too many elelments in one look.


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