Ayush And Nisha at Cannes 2009: ‘Looking For Eric’ Premiere

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‘Slumdog Millionaire’ child actor Ayush Khedekar and Nisha Harale Bedi who star in the upcoming movie ‘Shyam’s Secret’ got to attend the premiere of ‘Looking For Eric’ at the Cannes Film Festival today. Nisha wore a Chaos Couture by Christophe Guillarmé dress from the designer’s Fall 08/09 collection and while the dress wasn’t that bad her red bag didn’t make for the perfect accessory. Also, what’s with the hair?

Thankfully Ayush makes up for it with his Bae Doo Na style hair and cuteness.

Thanks ‘Miss Malini’ for the tip-off.


Ayush Khedekar at Cannes 2009: ‘Looking For Eric’ Premiere


Left: Christophe Guillarmé, Fall 08/09
Right: Nisha Harale Bedi at Cannes 2009: ‘Looking For Eric’ Premiere


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  1. Awww Ayush looks sooooo cute! He’s gonna be so handsome when he grows up :)

    OMG the purse totally ruins the look! The dress is very beautiful and she looks really nice, but the purse looks so yuck and it doesn’t even match :( I also don’t like her hair

  2. My pleasure ladies, yup the bag is pretty fugly isn’t it?! Also I’d much prefer that dress in pink/purple or grey/black..

  3. Awwe Ayush is too cute! :)
    Nisha’s dress is kinda odd..if it were just black or just red it would have still been ok ..or maybe a better colour combo. And yeah the purse isn’t helping. lol

  4. love the shoes. thats about it. ayush looks really cute.

    @alisha… read somewhere that Ms ash was hopping mad that Sonam has been hired as brand ambassador and has made a big deal out of it. hence sonam not walking the red carpet.


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