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Jewellery designer Maheep Kapoor‘s show was presented by real (per a PR note/and her friends) women (instead of models) sporting her designs. It started with Ayesha in a strapless blue number and ended with Sonakshi in a white strapless gown with others sporting different black numbers all designed by Seema Khan.

We don’t have closeup of the jewellery and so can’t quite comment on that but what do you think of Seema’s designs on these ladies?

Ayesha Takia, Ira Dubey, Amrita Puri, Deanne Pandey
For Maheep Kapoor at HDIL Couture Week 2010

Natasha Madhwani, Dolly Sidhwani, Prerna Goel and Bhavna Pandey
For Maheep Kapoor at HDIL Couture Week 2010

Sharmilla Khanna and Sonakshi Sinha For Maheep Kapoor at HDIL Couture Week 2010

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Besides, Sonakshi does not have the body to pull of a dress like that. On top of it all, the dark lipstick and the ghetto hairstyle is screaming Shaniquaaaa loud.

  2. I think Natasha looks beautiful, she should seriously do some modeling, she got beautiful face and she seems like she carries herself with CLASS.

  3. I love that gorgeous blue on Ayesha. All these dresses don’t warrant a ramp. Ms.Goel is the only one who looks good and carries her below average dress with elan. Sonakshi is the worst among the lot.

  4. Famous actresses/celeb wives/and other celeb hanger ons are now the ‘real’ women of India? or more ‘real’ than models?
    And way to make the jewellery the LEAST noticed thing on this runway.

  5. Just want to reply to Malika’s comment about Natasha- she looks the worst out of the whole lot+the fave she’s making!!!
    SHe has the most fashion faux paus I’ve ever seen!
    And Class??? More like the worst dressed hall of fame!
    The others look good-atleast they seem to be enjoying themselves.

  6. UGGHHH…Sonakshi looks cheap!! The dress just doesnt suit her body type!
    and all the other dresses are the samee! as if one bad creation isn’t enough!
    Ayesha and Prerna are looking just okay..given the clothes
    Ira, Deanne and Amrita are looking like a bunch of tacky wannabes!!!

  7. Sonakshi looks terrible!! That dress is a mess and looks even worse on her body type. Bad make-up.
    Only Ira is ok-ish among everyone. everyone else looks bad.

  8. like ayesha out of all. the jewellery also suits her dress.
    but the jewellery of the others looks traditional & heavy and so are not going with their dresses. the should have gone with a black sari instead with those jewellery.
    & for sonakshi’s look…just bad.

  9. OMG i just cant get my eyes off sonakshi- and not for any good reason!!! what on earth is that? no seriously? and REAL women??? TOTALLY agree with Orchee! i cant get over this! terrible with a capital T!

  10. Sonakshi OD … stop already!!
    You are the freshest face in Bollywood — stop doing this to yourself !!
    None of the women look good here and what is the ‘real women’ crap — all of them are celeb wives or P3 regulars.. they aren;t the real Indian women!!

  11. The clothes are kinda tacky, but I love love love the idea of using real people instead of models. Also, Sonakshi is one pretty girl but the styling here is not doing her any favours.

  12. yep the clothes are certainly very tacky!!! except Ira who is making it all work..the rest of them looks terrible..special mention to Sonakshi..she look extra terrible..that ensemble really doesnt suit her..

  13. hmm now I hardly see the jewelry here…of whatever li’l I see looks boring and repetitive!! Diamonds and emeralds…c’mon enough already…
    btw that belt or pattern on the waist is grabbing all the attention instead of jewelry…God give people some sense!!


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