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Considering that Ms. Malik is top heavy, wearing a fitted tuxedo blazer (a really bad one at that) didn’t really help. Adding multi-necklaces to the look was the last nail on the coffin.

If she had kept it simple like the model, we would have loved the brocade dress on her.

Left: Avantika Malik at Van Heusen India Mens Week Finale
Right: Zara Brocade Dress

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. oh noo..this look is really cringe worthy! I am also very top heavy and I totally agree that just wearing the dress sans accessories would have worked best. I have a Michael Kors sheath dress in a similar design that I’ve worked by pairing with a cardigan if needed. I really don’t get that blazer and those beads with the dress..the only thing i like about this look are the shoes…

  2. Avantika is a cute girl…she needs to capitalize on her extreme cuteness. The simpler she keeps her attire the better she looks…in fact the less make up she has the better she looks!

  3. How can one make such a beautiful dress look bad?? By layering crap on it, instead of letting the dress be the star.

    That jacket doesn’t sit right on her….what was she thinking heading out the house wearing that?

  4. I think she shouldn’t opt for flared dresses that too with such a heavy material…she would look much better if she goes in for thinner/lighter materials…
    Moreover, putting so many necklaces will always give a cluttered look…unless it’s a multistrand necklace! How I wish she would have just gone in for a smaller neck piece…

  5. Besides choosing a bad outfit Avantika herself looks so incredibly uncomfortable its hard to look at! In the second picture she looks as though she is trying really hard to suck her stomach in.

  6. Well, to be fair- I have the same dress, and it fits me snug.. I am not even half as blessed as Avantika here- it just gathers up under the chest- unlike what you see on the model..

    I am guesseing it was more of a necessity than an accessory for the girl. Not that it was a great choice.

    I also think it’d cut her all wrong- this isn’t a dress for someone with curves.


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