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At a screening for Ship Of Theseus, Avantika was spotted in an Asos printed midi (more a maxi on her) paired with red pumps and a belt.

She looked cute!


Left: Avantika Malik at Ship Of Theseus Screening
Right: Asos Printed Dress

Photo Credit: NDTV

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  1. And there’s no blazer or strong shoulders in sight!
    She looks much better this way and hopefully this is a sign of things to come…

  2. Oh my holy God! This women is so clueless about what even remotely suits her body type. You guys are so kind to her (and of course to most women who are on the healthier side ;P) , to the exten,t it feels that you feel sorry for her and give her some credit. Ha.

    • I completely agree. A number of times my comments on her lack of common sense about clothes she should avoid are not even posted.

    • yes!! THIS!! For me she never even makes it to the “not quite” list. its straight to the “NO”. Shes doesnt know how to play up her figure and what to wear to compliment the shape of her body. shes so absolutely clueless.

      like the length on this gown is all wrong for her. it makes her look short and the print calls attention to her heavier top. tsk tsk…

  3. I’ve seen worst crimes of fashion so I don’t think she looks too bad. Prints do work on curvy girls like her but she just picked the wrong one that’s all.

  4. she needs a stylist. she should stop worrying more about wearing current trends and concentrate on what suits her body shape. She could have done much better


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