In Hervé Léger

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At the relaunch of BMB gallery, Ms. Birla was spotted in a Hervé Léger dress. From what we see, we quite like.


Left: Avanti Birla at BMB Gallery Event
Right: Hervé Léger Rainbow Airbrush Dress

Photo Credit: Vogue India

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  1. The dress is OK, but I love the minimal make up, few accessories look on her. She looks a whole better like this, plus she looks a whole lot younger. I am glad we cannot see her shoes, from what I see I no like.

  2. Yes, the issue I have with it is that it while the colour palette looks cute it looks like it’s for someone really young. I’m 22 and even I would feel a bit like a kid for wearing it..

  3. Fabulous dress…something I would wear…Avanti is a pretty lady…she needs to dress more like that trendy rather than how she usually dresses…garish….


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