Athiya on Grazia:(Un)Covered

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With a movie right around the corner, it was no surprise that Athiya landed the cover of a fashion mag. Here she is featured on Grazia’s September issue wearing Dior separates. Love/Like?


Left: Dior Fall 2015
Right: Athiya Shetty on Grazia India Sep 2015

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Just because Athiya is tall and model like she is carrying that outfit easily just like the other model. Otherwise who can wear that?

  2. That moment when you look better at the launch of the magazine than on the cover itself. Sorry I have seen Facebook profile pics better than this boring pose! Lacks any sort of oomph that makes this worth a first look. Athiya could have done way better if she had even styled herself and took a selfie.

  3. What have they done to her???? Such a limp and lifeless pose, as though she’s hanging from a clothesline. I agree, a selfie would have looked more impactful.

  4. It may not be a stellar cover but it stands out because of its simplicity and the absence of heavy-duty photoshop. No excessive bronzing, whitening, thinning, curving, etc etc. She looks like the girl she is in real and that says a lot. Of course it helps that she’s near perfection but magazine gloss up every damn thing.

    • Thanks for pointing that out.. I was wondering what I’m liking despite it being lack-luster theoretically, and its the lack of (or less noticeable) photoshop on the face!!

      This woman looks far smarter / more mature than some silly damsel in distress role she seems to be playing in her movie! Hoe she does something watchable soon!!


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