How To. How Not To.

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Arzoo and Sona may have had one common thing at this event, the sequin skirt. But how they wore it resulted in a How To and How Not To!

You know which one is which, right?

Arzoo Govitrikar and Sona Mohapatra at Anusha Dandekar Album Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. How not to … and
    how not to…
    Arzoo’s blouse isn’t doing her any favors. She looks bloated with all the extra fabric. Both ladies got the proportions all wrong.

  2. How not to and how never to! Arzoo has done way too much orange here ( see cheeks), she is definitely off. And lets not even try to tell what’s going wrong on the right. Booties, really?

  3. Actually, who is ‘how to’ and who is ‘how not to’. I think Sona still pulls it off, but wonder what the verdict is

  4. I think P&P are going a safe route by keeping secret which one they liked….This just proves that they believe that the members visiting their site are more correct when it comes to judging the style….but hats off to you ladies for being honest enough to display all those comments when people just criticize u for ur fashion sense and also for being bias many times :)

    Keep up the good work :)

    • I hate it when they keep things a secret, they could at least satisfy the need of their loyal readers to know which one was right!


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