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It was a Prada 60’s inspired dress from the Fall 2010 collection for Anu on day two that she paired with bow heels and a glittery clutch. Anu did change up the hair a wee bit (if you can call it that) by going for soft curl ends. Such beautiful outfits and she does wear them well but at the end of the day, the same-ole-hair just makes them all feel so monotonous.

Far Left, Left: Prada, Fall 2010
Right: Anu Dewan at HDIL Couture Week 2010, Day Two

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Ignoring the same ole hair part, she does look nice. But even more i like the slightly plumpy (or well she is the normal one) model wearing the black dress. Totally pulls it off looking better than the skinny model on her left. OOh..nice..

  2. I hate the shoes!!!!!
    actually, overall she looks just so boorrinng!!!
    even the dress is so average!!!

    But Heelllloooo THE SOLITAIRE!!!

  3. How is this wearing the dress well? It is a beautiful dress which when worn well is so womanly and elegant. It isn’t that difficult, all she needs is to look at Doutzen Kroes on the ramp who looks like a dream ! Sigh.. I personally feel just bagging the latest pieces is not the point, she does not bring anything to them,
    Doesn’t matter if its Prada, Lanvin or anything else!

    • I agree. She adds no personality to the beautiful pieces she wears. Not this one, nor any in the past. Its just a case of I have the money I can buy the best designer brands. She needs to mix up some expensive clothes with some not-so-known / high street / vintage to really be out there.

      Just buying these runway looks is so bland.

      • Agreed.. but from most of the posts I see on HHC, women seem to be wanting to flaunt labels.. I don’t see most of them trying to wear something different (aka one of a kind vintage)..

        • I concur.
          She makes a potentially gorgeous print look like a preteen’s christmas day frock. Those shoes are hell on her.
          I would not be surprised if someone told me her entire outfit was from Bkk.

    • I agree, Anu gets to wear all the latest from the most cherished couture houses, however I don’t envy her. She always looks very unremarkable in them.

    • she makes the dress look more like a school uniform (like the plaid pinafores) and check out the matchy match shoes. she needs to develop some confidence and learn to carry the outfit. hair is different fiinally (she might be reading this blog) but again, it is not working with the dress..

  4. These Prada dresses are so unremarkable! It does nothing for the person that wears it. I like them, don’t get me worng. But they are very plain. Eeven a pretty girl like Doutzin looks kinda Meh in it.
    I can imagine Kate Middleton wearing these dresses, you know so prim and proper.

  5. As much as I admire Prada for always turning things inside out, I don’t like these dresses at all- they are so matronly (probably intentionally)..When I saw them on the Prada runway, the first thought that crossed my mind was that anyone with a normal (non-model) body would look at least 10 pounds heavier in them.Doutzen K’s pic proves that..


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