In Alexander McQueen

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Ms. Dewan tried her best to spruce up her McQueen jumpsuit look by wearing it with a McQueen belt and animal print McQueen clutch. Alas, the look still fell flat.

This appearance begged for the hair to be pulled back in a sleek pony instead of sporting curls covering the satin lapels.

When will we get a fierce look from her?

Left: Anu Dewan at Akshay Kumar’s Speedy Singh Bash
Right: Alexander McQueen Tuxedo Jumpsuit

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. why wud we want a fierce look from her…
    i mean she wears her stuff well.. mixes and matches them.. has no qualms about repeating her dresses…
    She just has a softer side to her style and maybe she does not fancy “fierce”

    We should respect everyone for their style as long as they carry themselves off well and turn out looking good!


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