Another Day, Another Appearance

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… and yet instead of the actor making an impression, all I see is that all-to-familiar Manish Malhotra design. The worse part about this outfit is that we have already seen Deepika wear something similar in red and more blinged out just a year ago!(Check it out here.)

Considering that there are already comparisons being made between Deepika and Anushka, someone should make sure that their outfits do not look the same either. (Hopefully someone on the YashRajFilms PR team is listening!)


Anushka Sharma at Fame Malad


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  1. Wow this outfit is torture!
    Now I really think she isn’t promoting her film but the next circus coming to town….
    and what a wierd way to wear the dupatta!

    this is even worse…the clothes and styling make her look soooo average
    and she’s NOT! She’s cute! (Deepika, at least, has some presence- this one seems to be fading into the background)

  3. ok.. honestly.. i dont like the dress.. i wouldnt wear it even if i were getting paid to wear it.. but she looks totally adorable! i like this version of the dress much better than the one seen earlier on deepika.

  4. Now this cut works much better for this style. With the tank top cut, it really looked like they cut half of a tank and half of a churidar and put it together. Here, the transition is better. Still not my favorite style though!

  5. I think she looks lovely in that dress. The colours are fresh…especially the pink – it’s very soft and nice. I don’t think those colours would look great on everybody but I think she looks nice in them.

  6. Anushka is a cutie! I LOVE her smile. But if she continues her styling like this, then she’ll be on her way to become another Rani Mukherjee (who is also another drab dresser!)

    In terms of beauty: Sonam > Deepika > Anushkha
    In terms of likeability: Anushka/Sonam > Deepika
    In terms of acting: Anushka > Sonam/Deepika

  7. I dont think theres any problem wid the outfit here, She just cannot carry it! Even a Mannequin, could have done better justice. Was that a pose?

  8. Reminds me of the dresses my grandma used to make for my barbies using cheap, leftover, glittery material. I know she styled them waaay better.

    Though I still maintain that MM is catering to an actual market when he does this bling stuff. People probably buy this stuff like hot cakes.. he wouldn’t be making this stuff if it weren’t profitable..too much money and too little style in some people *sigh*

    And Anushka is definitely prettier than I thought she was..

  9. The dress is hilarious. The orange is too birght and the dupatta looks like a last minute addition to the outfit, like MM didnt really design a dupatta but Anoushka is a pink freak and wanted something pink on her! I was never a fan of MM’s designs and recently his designs look like something a kid would put together (for a colorful candy effect)!

  10. She looks absolutely fine, nothing wrong with her. She carries it well. Actually I am quite tired of seeing all bolly actresses wear western clothes all the time. I like it.
    Love the fact that she repeated her sandals, way to go girl!!


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