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Spotted on Anna, the Gucci Hysteria Tote from the Fall 2008 collection. Some love this boho look, but do you like?

P.S. Don’t miss the Fendi B shoulder bag on Mallika.

P.P.S. Anna’s bag is a variation of the one shown below.

Mallika Khan and Anna Singh
Gucci Hysteria Large Tote


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  1. its a fun bag, not at that price, and most importantly she does not carry it well. she is wearing black and white and she is carrying this bag???

  2. Surprised you guys didn’t label this a WTHey- the tartan bow slippers, the belt, the frills on the sleeves, the faux- victorian jet necklace- yuck. And, yes, the bag… on which she has put her own “chhaap” by sticking on some… roses? I am amazed this lady calls herself a designer- more, that folks actually believe it.

    • Janpath is a street in Delhi which is famous for its small stalls / vendors for clothes, bags shoes etc… sort of like Fashion Street in Mumbai

  3. this is funny – i just saw someone carrying this bag today and i thought it was one of those random ones
    had no idea it was a label
    either way – still does look like one of those random bags you can get off the street
    though its not bad

  4. I really like the bag, but not at that price. I would totally buy it if it was at Aldo prices:)

    But, it has a time and a place, you can’t carry it to a party, rather an afternoon out shopping, with Jeans, not with the black and white stuff Anna is wearing.

  5. i would only buy a tea-cosy in this print or design,
    and it doesn’t look real gucci , and she added flowers or a much much busy print, imao.


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