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Wearing Kanika Goyal velvet crop top and pants, Ananya attended director Punit Malhotra’s party. The separates could’ve packed more punch if the look was layered. Maybe a crop full-sleeved top underneath or a sleeve-less vest over. But, as is, the look fell flat.

Ananya Panday

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. There is nothing about these teenagers..who are aimless!!! Just like politicians children can only be politicians…same goes with film fraternity too!!! Many times I wonder why can’t these kids to be normal..they are nearly ZERO without the family brand name they carry!!! SAD

    • They’re not zero actually. Seems Ananya Pandey was a very bright student. It’s a sad and lazy choice they make to turn to films. How do you (or your parents) not want to even go to college when you have such academic potential ??

  2. Uff.. another teenage product of Nepotism…. Dont do these kids have the desire to finish their education and then do this…. Everybody knows that they will only be seen in KJo’s senseless movies …

    I read somewhere that Khushi kapoor as well will be launched by KJO soon and she is what 17… I wonder what future these 2 kids hold …

  3. How do you let your kids out like this? Looks so bad…as people said above, sports bra and pyjamas! Eeeks.
    Is this being youthful or skinny? I don’t know because no one dresses up like this except these spoilt over-groomed star nepo kids.
    I think the lure of stardom is too strong for these young minds – so much glamour, make-up requirements, chance to wear amazing clothes and designer wear, travel the world, attract fans…movies are not a craft for them at all. Everything is packaged – KJo movie, a certain image, an episode of Koffee with Karan, promo events in every city, stylist, celebratory after parties and repeat. It is so formulaic but the money and glitz is too much to escape from.
    On another note, has a star kid ever done something else apart from the film fraternity? I know about Prithvi theatre…who else has stayed out of the limelight and not chosen the second alt-bollywood route of interior/jewellery design?


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