An Almost Ditto!

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Both Anjori and Koel wore dress with the same frilly bust style at the book launch of the movie “1920”. Which did you prefer? Anjori’s frock style or Koel’s fitted version. Do their choice of footwear help tip the scales in favor of anyone? ;)

Anjori Alagh
Koel Puri

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  1. ironically, both are not only wearing similar styles the color combo is almostttt exactly reversed,,,, Anjori’s coral dress with similar bust and silver shoes, and koels white with corall-y shoes! wat a coincidence…both look good…but koel stands out coz she is in white…these two look similar and kinda pass off as sisters!

  2. i like koels dress only because it is more fitted.. and oh of course the colour.. hate the shoes.. should have been something delicate

  3. omg im the only one here who likes the red one better!! Everyone’s loving Koel’s shoes but that’s what is spoiling her look for me!

  4. I like Koels. The dress, fit and the shoes (I LOVE the bright, chunky shoes) have an updated 50’s style. Delicate, silver shoes would have been to blah.

  5. Koel looks really hot in her fitted version; Anjori doesn’t look right considering the awful fit and color, Anjori doesn’t have the body either to wear Koel’s fitted dress! I didn’t mind Koel’s shoes either, she still makes them look great. I do like Anjori’s shoes but I still woudn’t wear them with Koel’s white dress.

  6. koel all the way. the cut of the dress is quite flattering on her body while anjori’s hem isweird… the underslip thing is longer than the actual dress. people need to pay attention to details like these!


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