From Reel To Real: Part Deux

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At the Kolkata promotions of Aisha, Amrita Puri was spotted wearing a black Malini Ramani dress. A dress also seen in Aisha’s closet.

Now, that we’ve seen this happen a second time, we’re wondering if the closet belongs to Aisha or Shefali (post transformation, of course). :)

Catch the dress on the rack at the 1:22 mark.


Left: Malini Ramani, Spring 2009
Right: Amrita Puri in Kolkata for Aisha Promotions
Below: Ira Dubey and Amrita Puri in Aisha


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    • Didn’t fashion exist in films before those two movies?

      I wish people would stop comparing Aisha to SATC/The Devil Wears Prada/Clueless etc and just enjoy the fact that a film has finally been made in bollywood where you can actually relate to the character’s styling, instead of all the bikini tops and tackiness that usually goes on.

      As for the dress itself, i think it is part of Aisha’s wardrobe, but is given to Shefali for the makeover…her style is apparently supposed to mimick Aisha’s :)

  1. I like Amrita here…she looks fresh!!! Like her easy-styled hair. As from what I can see, I think the dress fits her great..unless the angle of the pic makes for good deception.

    • Did you catch pics of Sonam from the same event. I liked the look. Casual Chic. She had a b/w Marliyn M tee, a cream colored jacket and black high waisted pants.

      • And I am not one of the people complaining. Even if you were paid to showcase all these costumes, I’d be happy enough to catch a glimpse of it ;)


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