Pretty In Pink?

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Left: At The Premiere Of ‘Race’ In Tarun Tahiliani
Centre And Right: At Amrita Arora’s Sangeet

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. the baby pink saree is gorgeous! (is it chikan?)…but i hate the blouse! so tacky. She looks good neck up in both sarees

  2. This isn’t a chikan saree it looks more like chantilly lace or something. The colour suits her, don’t like the 1 boob on show look much!

  3. I will not say anything -__- because the lace sari is very very very very similar to what I wore to my 10th grade sari party. Even the colour was the same though my blouse was the same material with lining underneath and also a lot more subdued and age appropriate..

  4. the hot pink wins as she wore the saree right!
    otherwise both are nice and elegant.
    She has the perfect figure to carry a saree and always looks so comfortable.

    The baby pink is a lace saree I think??

  5. if actresses really, really have to/want to do the one sided pallu thing – this is how they should do it. the blouse covers most of the breast. its not a kinky bra-type blouse and it has enough padding to hold up the boobs.

  6. Both are very pretty. Love the baby pink lace saree. Don’t care much for the draping, but still this is the best one-side draping I have seen till date.

  7. agree with Indianlover, she goes look rather incomplete however she has a gorgeous body to carry off the saree minus the boob show. I personally like the hot pink version better, makes her stand out more and look more fresh!

  8. are you sure all the pics you have posted are from “sangeet”?
    I chked the pics on some other websites and they said they were from “wedding reception”

  9. Enigma,
    This was her official sangeet before the nikaah. The one from a few days ago was actually a party hosted by Shakeel’s mom

  10. btw, whats this new style of saree draping all about? do you always have to show your right ‘girl’ – it doesnt look sophisticated @all – I hope Nauheeds’ mom has lectured her enough after ‘that’ appearance…

  11. I just can’t get over the draping, I can’t even look at the saree with such terrible draping. When I was in India, only pro******* draped their sareees this way (the top part), which I happened to see in a few documentaries on India’s red light districts.
    I am too traditional for this, I don’t think I will ever accept this wasy of wearing a saree, I’d rather wear a beautiful gown (with Shakespearean necklines) if I have to show my neckline that much, it would look so much more elegant.

  12. I love the ACUTAL lace saree …but the blinged out boostier blouse is just ugh
    I am in no way traditional- but I just think sarees look better when they are…elegant
    the blouse on the hot pink is unflattering on her

  13. payal(HHC) – post some of poor farhan with his wifes pictures too – she is so crazy – has absolutely no dressing sense!

  14. even though the baby pink is a nice colour and the sari material is pretty, i think the hot pink suits her better because of the brightness!

    a sari should be worn to leave something to the looker’s imagination, not to have him/her gawking at ur chest with the mouth wide open LOL

    nonetheless, she pulls of saris very nicely and manages to look nice and not too filmy!


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