On An Aside: Britney Joins The Bollywood Bandwagon

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Thanks to ‘Slumdog Millionaire”, “Bollywood Style” dancing has become all the rage in the US. (It was on”E” before the Oscars, it was there during the Oscars and remember Aishwarya and Dev/Freida on Tyra? (Check it out here and here.)

So when a down and out singer is back with a tour after ages, what else would she include in her routine, but the latest style! Not surprisingly, Britney has included a “Bollywood Style” routine to her Circus tour where she and her backup dance to a remixed version of “Me Against The Music” while wearing outfits heavily inspired from ole school hindi movies. (Think Deepika more recently from ‘Dhoom Tana’ and Sridevi from all those movies from the 80s! Update: ‘Bharati’ explains the look better: It is the style worn by Vyajanthimala in ‘Amrapali’.)

Wonder who will be bitten by this bug next?

You can check out the routine (although not very clear) below.


Britney Spears


Deepika Padukone and Sridevi

Britney Spears

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  1. Hi P&P,
    I wanted to request you guys to have a post on Michelle Obama’s pics on Vogue’s cover and inside. We would like to know more about her style. Earlier I was a bit hesitant in requesting as this site is mainly about Bollywood celebs, but after a Britney-post I think I can request :)…HHC is all about fashion and style after all…

  2. Shweta,
    Only posted Britney because of the Bollywood connect. ;) Am sure you will find other sites that covered the Vogue issue.

  3. this kind of outfit is called the “amrapali costume” in bollywood parlance , since it was first worn by Vyjayanthimala in tht movie and created quite a trend

  4. @ Jig – what a silly thing to say…its a COSTUME FOR A SHOW…

    i love how indian culture is speading beyond india into other cultures and countries

  5. Okay, not sure what that dance was, but it wasn’t Bollywood…maybe Britneywood?

    Gaaah no fair, I’ve been a Bollywood fan for years, and now I just look like everyone else….’cept I can do it better…hahahah ;)

  6. I LOVE Britney!
    maybe I shouldn’t- but I can’t help it, she’s deeply engrained into my childhood
    I don’t mind it acutally

  7. lololololol

    I LOVE BRITNEY TOOO! hahahhaha i wish i could goooooo!!!! she did this remix a long time ago…even before kfed.

  8. I love the blue part of that outfit, and it’s draped really nicely, but oh lordy, Britney needs to stay AWAY from anything Indian related. I don’t want her near it!

  9. i get to see her live in a month and i am so excited!!!

    i dont care if the dance looks silly or not and i dont care, ive been her fan for as long as i can remember and all thru her insanity ;)


  10. britney couldn’t quite pull it off…but i give her points for trying. and she should have pulled back her hair. it looks a bit frizzy.


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