Intervention. Much Needed!

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You wouldn’t know looking at Amisha that she was carrying a fun Chanel bag. How could you with that ugg of a dress staring back at you worn with bad innerwear and worse, awful makeup.

Note to Amisha: time to stop splurging on bags and investing in some length-appropriate dresses.

Amisha Patel at Arpita’s Birthday Bash at Aurus

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • Yeah but PC is more toned. And does not try to pass off swimsuits for normal wear. Her dress reminds me of a swimsuit for some reason – the colors?

    • Sej, PC has almost NEVER looked so tacky as Amisha normally does. PC’s short dresses may be a boring “same’ look, but not tacky

  1. OUch! Thats harsh!

    Although, this is not her best looks, she does look cute. I have seen far worse make-up and dresses….

    I guess she was trying to pair the colorful bag with a colorful dress…sometimes you do mix high end designer and less expensive stuffs…just my 2 cents…

    • I agree with you! I guess some prefer the slave to label appearance. The dress is fun, her make up is not at all bad and she looks radiant. There is nothing wrong with this presntation.

  2. terrible! fair enuff you’ve lost weight honey and wanna show off ur body..but there are elegant ways to do it!! what an insult to chanel! she must be turning in her grave

  3. Well she looks radiant n happy….her dress is not bad either…its a fun dress n she hs lost weight n looks smwht toned…the dress is lookin’ lovely…fun color combo…dunno why u guys r unnecessarily tough on certain celeb n generously kind on few others…

  4. Wow thats harsh..

    Her dress is fun … she is carrying it off well..

    Don’t see how her makeup is bad ?!

    Agreed on the bad inner wear though..

  5. hey come on! everyone wears short short dresses.
    Why should she think about “some length-appropriate dresses”??

    May be you should just stick to saying that she needs to wear something that will flatter her body better (invariable of length)

    • charan,
      Quite right. What I did mean by ‘length-appropriate’ is not that it is a sin to wear short dresses but that a few more inches would look so much better. Amisha tends to always wear nice dresses except they almost always are two-inches-too-short to look good on her

  6. This is a huge improvement for Amisha. My guess is that she is very petite, so a short dress with horizontal stripes makes her look even shorter. I wish she had worn slingbacks, they would have made her look taller.


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