Gharara Vs Sharara

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While Alvira went with a blue gharara (last seen on Celina), sis-in-law Seema went with a pink sharara.

Dig either or neither?

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Alvira Agnihotri and Seema Khan At Amrita Arora’s Sangeet

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. mg,
    A gharara is divided (more like loose pants) and a sharara is your regular lehenga… If I am not mistaken the names come from Urdu…

  2. the neckline on seema is way too deep….like mehr’s and malaika’s…i’m guessing deep neckline was a theme on the sangeet? ;)

  3. I don’t like the material or kaam on either of these outfits – when done well a gharara/shahrara can look really grand and classy.

  4. I agree, when gharara’s and sharara’s are made of sturdier material (like jamawar, kataan, brocades), they are extremely classy. Heck, South Asia’s entire Mughal History is steeped with Gharara’s and sharara’s and anarkalis. Along with the Sari and shalwar, these are also the basics of South Asian dressing.

  5. That blue is just tacky …Guys if you dont mind, I just have a request. Could you may be mention something like actress alvira….or delhi socialite alvira, just so we know who they are. I am sorry if everybody knows them. Ignore it if its just me…

  6. Indian Girl: Alvira Agnihothri is Salman Khan’s sister and wife to 90’s actor Atul Agnihothri. Seema Khan is actor/director Sohail Khan’s wife. Sohail Khan is actor Salman Khan’s and Alvira Agnihothri’s little brother. The entire clan is at the wedding of Amrita Arora because Amrita’s older sister, Malaika Arora Khan is Arbaaz Khans wife who is also Salman Khan’s younger brother.

    Damn, i just realized Bollywood is such an incestual industry. They are all married or related to one another.

  7. Payal yup….thats the diffeence

    @blueice…sharara= lehnga

    gharara=what they wore in umrao jaan….so flary it would be mistaken for a skirt, but its not….I wore one for my sisters wedding… ;)

  8. BTW where is salman khan in all of this?

    with regards to the colour theme, i think the men of the house are wearing white, whilst the others have been told to wear black…if that makes sense…arbaaz n atul are in white, so if suhail n sallu also turn up in it i’d assume thats what was ritten on the invites….

  9. Shararas are lehengas with a gathered, ruched joint at the knee, from where it flares out like a trumpet skirt

    Ghararas are shararas that have been split into pants

    The loose, trailing pants (with so much gher you had to carry the extra fabric on one arm) that they used to wear in Lucknow, and which you see in Umrao Jaan, are called Farshi Payjamas. They essentially look almost identical to farshi ghararas

    Lengha is like a skirt but more straight, not much gather.

  10. I quite like the colors in Seema Khan’s outfit, but the whole effect is…overwhelming!
    No wonder Saif came prepared with sunglasses to this night-time event…smarrrt boy…

  11. I’m making all my cousins/bridesmaids wear ghararas at my wedding. They’re so underrated these days! Brownie point to Alvira for the attempt.

  12. personally, i find ghararas and shararas akin to tents. in fact, they make the women inside them look a bit dumpy. they just dont have any shape.

  13. NEITHER!!!
    Their outfits look so cheap with the kind of shiny material they used!! Seema’s outfits got way too much going on–WAY TOO MUCH!

  14. A helpful tip for indian girl and rr: I don’t know a lot of the people featured here besides the obvious ones. So I just google them.

  15. I think alvira is the one with sharara — remember the lesserknown shetty (shamita?) worea similar outfit and danced to Sharara sharara in a long forgotten moovie of uday chopra!!!!

  16. Anon – LOL ! Ofcourse, very helpful :) But yeah sometimes all I get is alvira seen here with malaika, seent here, at this party…no one really tells who she is. And since they are not like popular bollywood people….sometime you have go through pages and Pages to know who they are.

  17. wat a contrast…seema’s over blingy attire and her hubby’s out for a casual attire…dnt they co-ordinate at all!?!?!??!?!?!


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