On An Aside: Alicia Wears A Maang Tikka

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We’ve seen the ‘Sari’ and the ‘Bindi’ go mainstream. So, is the ‘Maang Tikka’ next? Guess, we will have to wait and find out!

But, for now, does Alicia wear her ‘Maang Tikka’ well?


Alicia Keys, American Music Awards 2008


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  1. Hmm…methinks she is trying too hard…too much silver going on..the earrings kill the look for me with her hair held up like that …she cud have gone in for some blue sapphire studs…or more simply a shorter tikka…just hanging from the tip of the maang…

  2. Y’all are so quick! I love it.

    Mmm… I wish I weren’t so conservative when it comes to strictly desis wearing desi jewellry… it just doesn’t look right on others BUT (damn it, I’m always trying to be diplomatic) I do like how it’s simple and she did wear it to the best of her ability.

  3. kudos to alicia for trying to be a little funky ethnic cool. however, the resonance is lost b/c there’s lots going on…the earrings on top of the two silvery sash thingies …if she wanted to don the maang tika, her gown should’ve just been a simple purple one shouldered number without the silvery tinsel effects! her accessories are just lost with that gown!

  4. I don’t like it. Her face is a little too blinged-up. The silver makeup and saucer earrings aren’t helping the look. Not sure i want to see the tikka on non-desis, at least not on western outfits.

  5. forget the tikka, love the dress and colour!!!!

    the earrings ruin the look, but thats typical diva jewllery in the american music industry! its like a must!! lol

  6. her forehead is too big for this. tina’s right, usually when non-indians try indian fashion, it comes out looking really bad (barring a few exceptions).

  7. @PB, indeed her forehead is too big for this, also the tikka is a little small and fragile which makes it look like it got there by accident :P

  8. i just want to say to all those people saying that only indians should wear ethnic stuff, this is a little out of order, specially when pratically all our INDIAN STARS are only wearing WESTERN!! why don’t they stick to only indian as it DOES look better on them?????

  9. I don’t like it – that tiny little mang tikka looks completely lost in the expanse of her forehead-had she lost the earrings and gone for a larger Tikka with less ofa drop it might have looked better. I have nothing against non desi’s wearing desi clothes/accessories but they always get it wrong much the same way as the majority of our desi ladies get it totally wrong when doing the western look – we over blingyfy everything or make it too matchy matchy or the most heinous crime of all wear designer head to toe with very little innate sense of style ….

  10. she doesn’t have much of a sense of style. what was she thinking pairing huge earrings like that with pulled back hair and the tikka? Someone get her a stylist stat! The dress on the other hand is very nice…

  11. I dont think only Indians can pull off the desi look right, anyone can. I would give kudos to Alicia for being so exciting with her choices that plain ‘ol yaawwn. That being said, I think the tikka looks good but the overdose of silver in the whole look(makeup+earrings) ruins the look.

  12. Ritu, I never said only Indians “should” wear “ethnic stuff” (by ethnic, I assume you meant “Indian”). I just said that firangs are not getting it right. If they did their homework and got it right then nobody would complain. End of story.

  13. the sad thing is: we indians are only proud of our fashions when it becomes mainstream. (which it has in the last 5-6 years) now that this tikka is mainstream, people won’t even acknowledge the indian aspect/origin of it. these white people like to think they thought of it all in the first place.

  14. I was watching the ama’s last night and when she came up to collect her award, i did a double take. I thought she looked stunning as usual but for some reason the maang bindi didnt work with the whole rest of her outfit. I loved her dress, the color was so beautiful and worked really well with her warm skin tone. I even thought that if she lost those earrings and left her hair loose, it might have worked. I know many people who are not desi that can pull off wearing desi jewelry and the key to it is to incorporate it in a really subtle way. I think Alicia Keys went wrong because it seems like she just stuck the bindi on as an afterthought.

  15. she has such a pretty face- kudos to her for taking a risk, even if it didn’t totally work out
    she looked a lot better on video
    and I think it’s really hypocritical and sort of condescending to say that desis are the only ones who should wear desi clothes and jewlery, especially, as Kismet said, since Indians muck up western clothes ALL THE TIME and we (almost) never say anything to that and who says she was trying to do it corrrectly
    her prefromance was awesome

  16. @sunny: lol np
    @tiara: regarding the first line of your post…sadly that is true and I call it the Madonna syndrome (after doing yoga became a huge trend in freakin INDIA after Madge decided to engage in it)

  17. @Ritu
    …hehe my yoga teacher even said that more people in LA do yoga than in India (what would I do without yoga?- explode)

  18. Nah…doesn’t suit her…leave the Indian clothes to Indians. Even I wouldn’t wear a tikka unless I was getting married. She’s trying too hard here

  19. I cannot understand all this racist hatred, even thogh the ear rings are too muc, I have seen Indian women wearing terrible Western clothes, but why calling her ‘firang’ and all the likes??