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Alia is at the Berlin Film Festival for Gully Boy’s promotion and premiere and was seen wearing a sequin Ralph Lauren dress on day one and a funky Moschino pant suit on day two.

Did she look good in both? Yes. Would I have liked to see her wear Indian labels though? Also, yes. A Bobo Calcutta or a Rohit Bal. Having said that, the premiere is still a few hours away. Also, Would love to hear your suggestions too!

In Moschino

In Ralph Lauren

Photo Credit: Instagram

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  1. She looks fab in both. I wish she had worn black heels with the slinky sequin dress. Would have been sexier. Funky animal print booties would have been fun with the funky suit. Much better than her three recent outings. Her last “thug wannabe ” look was ridiculous. She looked like a high class kid trying to look ghetto.

  2. She looks nice in both but off late getting a wannabe vibe from her. She used to have relaxed fashion aesthetic that suited her age and looks. Guess you lose that innocence at some point due to peer pressure given that she is in Bollywood.

  3. I love love her in the suit. What a fun outfit. I don’t understand why people always want Indian actors to wear Indian labels when they go abroad? Why would you wear a Western outfit designed by an Indian label who’s specialty is Indian wear. She looks good, fuss free and relaxed. She wears plenty of Indian outfits otherwise. Is one only proud of their culture if they constantly adorn saris? If you want to, sure but I think it’s ok if you don’t want to.

  4. She looks good.

    Alis is nearly 26. Its not her fault she looks like an ingenue. Its obvious she will at some point not dress innocent and girly.

  5. She looks great in the moschino. Such a fun and interesting suit and Suits her well.
    Ralph Lauren dress is just regular nothing to write home about.

  6. Wow… the pant suit made me do a double take. Now these are two looks where she is completely owning it!!
    Doesn’t remind you who and who might have done them before
    She should style more like this


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