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Alia was felicitated with a Women Of Worth award on Wednesday evening where she was seen in a Johanna Ortiz jumpsuit paired with Deepa Gurnani earrings.

Am I the only feeling that the outfit needed more colorful accessories? Or did you like it as is?

Alia Bhatt

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  1. I am getting a sense of deja vu…the jumpsuit, the slick middle parted do and the big earrings…am sure Deepika is flattered. Deepika has not patented any look but I see a definite pattern in Alia’s styling off late.

  2. This would have been an excellent opportunity to dress formal/ business casual. This errs on the side of too casual. It is an award after all, I would expect something more polished… or at the very least ironed.

  3. I agree with the comment above that she could’ve dressed in business casual and nailed it. It is a beautiful simple outfit and I don’t mind the styling as is but perhaps for a different occasion.

  4. More than color this outfit needs steam ironing! Also it’s a meh look. Like Alia had a ton of things to do so just got ready (jaise tasie)in the car.

    • Sigh! They slog at work,with kids and come to hhc for some welcome break only to find unironed dresses which reminds them of the overflowing laundry basket..ha!
      Alia is trying to revamp her image to a bit ‘mature’ ,’sultry’ or maybe to come in the zone of her bf’s earlier gf s…dunno..but her mojo is missing..her appearances off late appear so incoherent!
      Let’s get back to work worthless women!!lol.

        • Exactly – who comes up with these ridiculous awards? And what makes Alia a woman of worth??

          Getting back to the fashion.- johanna oritz has a stunning collection of clothes in bold prints. Why is Alia wearing this?? There is nothing designer about it.

      • Amen sister! and what’s more bizarre is that these women gladly accept these awards instead of calling them out. sigh

    • That negative vote was in error. Completely agree with this comment. ‘Woman of worth!!!!’ LMAO at that title. Wondeting if it was coined by a man or woman lol.

  5. These are not unironed clothes. Designers are now using natural fabrics like linen, cottons and silks that tend to crumple and this gives a cool, natural look to clothes. It is the less eco friendly. man-made, synthetic fabrics that don’t crush. In my opinion, this is a very welcome trend!

  6. Agree with all comments on the award name. Seriously the ‘woman of worth’ title is the worst. It seems like a sexist name that was drummed up in various marketing meetings where a smart Alec must have earned his pay: “you know how the phrase worthless woman is so popular. How about we inverse it?” Slow clap. Everyone cheers and this happens.

  7. I like alia’s normally minimalist style. But this is just completely a washed out look. Nothing works, not the jumpsuit, not those hideous earrings and definitely not that hair. It looks like she was lounging at home when she was dragged to this award function!


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