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Alia attended the opening night of MAMI Mumbai Film festival wearing a strapless Isabel Sanchis gown. Between the heavy handed pink bronzer and the super proper hairdo, we were left wanting more. Considering her promotional appearances off late where each one of them had a bit of youthfulness injected to them, this one felt a bit off.

We are not saying that she didn’t look nice. It’s just that a messy braided updo would’ve complemented the formal gown a wee bit more and would’ve continued that streak.


Alia Bhatt at 2015 MAMI Mumbai Film Festival

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. This is too mature for her and too overwhelming. I wish she would realize she’s too short/small to pull off some of these big gowns. It makes it look like she’s a little girl playing dress up.

  2. She looks great. The makeup could have been better but there is nothing which is a deal breaker. She never does whitewashing like others. I am glad that she turned out in this. Because then there would be a fuss that she is doing the same “youthful”looks and its boring. lol.

  3. I agree with Tina – its way too mature for her and is overwhelming for her petite frame. Heavy handed use of blush/bronzer doesn’t help much either.

  4. Lol. Okay.. The dress is like CURTAINS. Surprised nobody said that.. She looks ill and so off-colour. I saw one video of alia where she stated that she doesn’t like to put a lot of blush on her cheeks because it makes one look ill. Hmm, looks like these celebs don’t question their stylists at all. All in all.. again goes the same half-tied hairstyle.

    She has her things on the table: Half tied hair, Heels ALL THE TIME (That too ankle straps majority of the times), either teeny dresses or such overwhelming gowns.

    And what white-washing are others talking about? She is already very fair, typical of our bollywood acceptance for actresses so she doesn’t NEED to white-wash her face. Still, she looks very ‘white-washed’ here:

    • The thing is I don’t want this shiny foil material even for my curtains. I don’t understand how one comes out in that clown makeup and shiny foil of a mess.

      • Lol. Agree Sapphire. I wouldn’t have it for curtains either. It’s ugly.. how can she even go for such a dress? it looks like she had forgotten about this event and got ready for it in a rush.. put together whatever came in her arm’s length. What’s worst is that blush is so heavy handed but lips and the rest of the makeup is nude, making her look so ill.

        Also just below the fitted bodice of the gown.. what kind of a fitting is that in the 3 pics?

  5. Wow.. had been loving every appearance of hers during promotions, and now this !!
    What is that material anyway ? Agree with Sapphire, I wouldn’t have it even for drapes.
    And is it just me feeling that some critical piece of garment / jewelry or something is missing?
    The look is so unfinished !


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