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At the photocall and premiere for Gully Boy at Berlin Film Festival, Alia was seen in a strapless Atelier Prabal Gurung gown. The lime green color sure was striking but I didn’t like how the gown flared out. It made her look shorter than she actually is. Also, the length was a bit of an issue. Bummer, considering waist up, she looked lovely.

Alia Bhatt

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    • Though she looks lovely, somehow I just don’t get a film star aura from her. Apart from that one black Zuhair Murad gown she wore once.

  1. Omg show us Ranveer tho! As for Alia, I like her hair and the colour choice, just not the gown itself. I think I have Prabal Gurung fatigue.

  2. Hair and make up on point. The color of the gown is awesome. The dress waist down is really bad primarily due to the weird flaring and bad finish.

  3. If I did not know any better, I would say this was not from a very good/ reputed tailor.
    To use words often used by commentators: “What is designer about this gown”?


      • Oops, I did not mean to say “all tailors are inferior to designers”. I just meant to say that this looks like a badly done job, by someone who is known to do bad work or didn’t care. Some corner tailors can be REALLY very good and give you an amazing fit. But the fabric on this gown didn’t seem to translate the vision rather well.

      • How about don’t criticize or hate anyone regardless of their economic status? Day by day commenting on these pages is becoming difficult with people taking offense with just about everything. Sigh

  4. Argh, this came so close to being a perfect 10; but I agree, the length issue cannot be ignored. Also in some pictures if you look at the bottom hemming, the finishing is poor.. This is a case of beautiful concept and messed up execution.. Alia for her part looks adorable.

  5. I wish she had gone for something short and sexy. I feel this minimalist look is too mature for her because she’s petite and still has a face of a teenager. This look would be perfect for an older taller girl like Deepika. I loved the blue sequin dress she wore earlier. She needs to do short, sexy , bold lips and cutting edge hair. She can do classic, elegant later in her 30’s.

  6. Pics are nice. Hair is on point. Make up is on point. Maybe the dress which was sent was a size bigger for Alia. She still looks beautiful waist up.

  7. There’s two things about a look: the person looking beautiful always (their genes) and the outfit itself having some design merits, to make you look different.
    Alia is unquestionably beautiful, but that dress really has nothing beyond the cheery color.

  8. Alia has done well in the past when wearing these red carpet or couture dresses before. She had looked beautiful in them. After seeing such nice dresses on her, this one is a big miss. Fit and length issues. Absolutely does nothing for her. Wrong choice !!


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