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At the official trailer unveiling of Kalank, Alia was seen in a purple embroidered suit by Anamika Khanna with jewellery from Nora Jewels and kolhapuri wedges by Crimzon.

An old school Anamika that too in a delish color; you won’t find me complaining. I really liked it.

Alia Bhatt

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. That dupatta need not be two toned-such kinds were thriving a decade ago and makes the whole assemble over designed.
    The colour is pretty otherwise.

  2. its definitely very busy, but all together I really like this. The color+ the hair, and earrings, really pull it together! pretty…

    (and no crazy low neckline either lol)

    Also, anyone else already getting Alia fatigue?

  3. Too much embroidery! The colour is refreshing, no doubt! Btw, her posture in the 1st pic is ridiculously hilarious :) I wonder how she managed to stand like that!

  4. Something about the finish is very odd, like the fabric around the embroidery is so crinkled. While I like the color, the rest is a hot mess. It seems like a heavy garment and definitely not something for the summers.

  5. Its a pretty color and looks good waist up. Waist down, too busy with too much embroidery. Also, the two tone dupatta looks very garish. Over all – not quite! Did not like it much other than the color.

  6. Okay, the embroidery near the neck bit is like those on unstitched dress materiasl where the tailor is being told to cut it out and essentially is the neckline. I cannot get that image out of my head…the flowery embroidery on the chest bit looks so bad.
    Don’t like the two toned dupatta one bit.
    Glad to see that this silhouette doesn’t overwhelm vertically challenged folks.

  7. is this that suit that Alia had ordered to be made with a super deep neckline… but after reading the past comments on HHC.. she asked the tailor to add the kapda back .. aahhh that explains the embroidery !

  8. I like the suit, minus the dupatta…looks like the dupatta belongs to some other suit. She looks quite lovely though…simple makeup works so well on her.

  9. OTT esp for Alia who is all about clean lines and sharp looks. this is way too busy for her petite frame.. and color is way too jarring. Disappointed with Dongre…


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