Seeing Double?

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Do you see what we see? Someone’s been dipping into the cookie jar! ;)

Left: Alberta Ferretti, Fall 2011
Right: Charu Parashar, WLIFW A/W 2011

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Style

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  1. It’s amazing how shamelessly some of our designers copy from international runways. Do they really think they won’t get caught?

  2. What i can’t understand is even if you are taking inspiration from an International designer(assuming Ur a fan )…why can’t you at least come out with a better rip…You can… to the least.. try and get a better look than what is inspirational…Hideous to the core with unflattering boots and the weirder furry addition… Zuckz !!

  3. lets call this copy cat act.. “inspiraton”. A majority of this designer’s costumer won’t know this (may be) and that is where from she’ll make money :D

  4. No wonder Bollywood and the Indian fashion scene are so hand-in-glove, both are liberally ‘inspired’ by their western counterparts and have a severe lack of originality/ creativity :-)


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